About Us

The final product is always
a combination of many factors
and each of them must be a priority.

In Lavo Labs™ laboratories each process, each stage and each ingredient is treated as an absolute priority so that the quality of the final effect is unquestionable.

Research department

Everything starts with a need. Our research department comprises experienced specialists in the market of electronic cigarettes and liquids who continuously search for optimal solutions so as to satis­fy every single need of a customer.

Competent specialists

A human always plays a key role at crucial moments. Our lab assistants are very competent and experienced staff guaranteeing the reliability of the process at each stage.

Modern production

The precise performance of recipes and the maintenance of the highest quality with very high efficiency are guaranteed by the modern Lavo Labs™ production line. The production efficiency of our liquids reaches up to 150 000 items per day

Quality Control

Only continuous and precise quality control at each production stage – from creating recipes to packing products – exerts an impact on customer’s satisfaction. In Lavo Labs™ we strictly observe this rule basing on the highest standards, complying with all the requirements and regulations of the European Union, e.g. ISO 9001 and TÜV.

Logistics and Packaging

We are aware that the distribution of a product is as significant as the product itself. Therefore our production department in collaboration with logistics department precisely adjust packaging of products to the CLP standards binding in a given country.